Simple repair when the water doesnt get hot anymore

I had a problem with my Baxi hot water heater a few months back. I was getting only 5 seconds of hot water every minute. There was no error message displayed on the unit either. I had to turn up all the hot water faucets in the apartment in order to get constant hot water.

Patri Plumping’s worker came and told me it was going to cost me $550 labor plus $100 parts (I looked up the part afterward, $35.82). I had no choice but to agree. He replaced one part. Of course, I watched and learned every step he made, wrote notes and took pictures of the part. He left in half an hour with a $650 check of mine.

Sunday night, 6A told me he was not getting hot water and the symptoms sounded just like what my unit was doing a few months ago. I spent half an hour looking at his unit and told him I was only 85% certain. I ordered the part and it came yesterday. I replaced it while Mr. Lee, the super, was watching.

That 6A’s hot water problem is fixed. Mr. Lee now somewhat knows how to change that part. I ordered 5 pieces for him.

Ed Luk

If the sprinkler goes off

Located on each floor’s stairwell there is the floor’s sprinkler emergency shutoff. You will see the two yellow valves. One valve shuts off the water which will stop the sprinkler. The other valve will drain the remaining water in the pipes for that floor.