If you need a plumber, you can call John Peang. Used him for 3B leaky faucet. Nice guy, inexpensive, and lives a couple blocks up on Ludlow.




Do it yourself to fix your boiler


You can buy the parts. Its easy enough to fix with a screwdriver.


The typical exhaust error can be fixed by replacing the Fan Pressure Switch.

If the sprinkler goes off

Located on each floor’s stairwell there is the floor’s sprinkler emergency shutoff. You will see the two yellow valves. One valve shuts off the water which will stop the sprinkler. The other valve will drain the remaining water in the pipes for that floor.

Fish smell

I’ve made a few calls to 311 and the big problem is that no one knows who’s jurisdiction is to stop the fish place from washing out their van in front of our building.


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Plumbing situation over the weekend

We had a situation Friday ( 7/9/2010 ) with the building’s plumbing. The Gallery had a plumbing issue with people flushing massive amount of paper towels which then got stuck in the building main waste water pipe. I notice the problem around midnight when I heard water gushing in the elevator shaft.
I went downstairs to investigate and found that the waste water of the entire building was backing up through the basement drainage.
I called Mr. Lee, the guy who takes care of the cleaning and garbage. Mr. Lee tried to contact our building management, but was unable to reach anyone. He called a plumber who had worked on the same issue previously.
Mr. Lee and the plumber worked through the night to get the issue resolved. We need to thank him for going above and way beyond his duties for the building.
Everyone needs to know that paper towels should never be flushed down the toilet. We also need to find a more permanent solution to prevent this from happening in the future.